Thursday, June 9, 2011

Storm Report

Where were you when the big wind from Winnetka blew though? 

Did you lose your power?  Are you back in business?

Did you witness any damage or debris on your daily travels?

Please check in, let us know you survived and give your report! :)


kkdither said...


legal stranger said...

Nice to have met you kk !
You have a striking resemblance to your avatar image (of course without the blue hair). Sorry I got a little intense about government. I agree with you that one person cannot make much of a difference in the actions of government. However , because of the internet, the reality of one person making a difference does happen with more frequency. The JTI site has made such a difference. Do not underestimate your power on the JTI site, and use your power wisely.......Hope to see the group again soon............Harry