Saturday, July 8, 2017

Silly Video

♫ Keeper of the hole, master of the house.
This little ditty has been sitting in drafts for a long time. Still makes me smile, so I'll post it.

Time Keeps Marching On

Time for  another update. Can't believe how the years pass. Looking back at my thoughts and view of the world and my current situation is interesting.  Many changes have occurred since my last writing.

A new job was on the horizon. Good things come to those who persevere and to those who have the want and initiative for improvement. My new position is better than any that preceded it. There is the independence I was seeking, and I am able to work to help children a much more fulfilling way. It can be more than exhausting at times, as the workload can be heavy. With no clearly defined parameters, I am finding that I am my own worst boss. It is hard to pace myself and not do too much. There is a huge needy population of teens out there. Seems like not only are the basic needs of kids not being met, they are totally lacking in guidance from home: common sense, honest conversation and self-assurance. Phones, electronics have taken over. Everything is immediate, intense in the moment, and therefore less satisfying, and can be more devastating and intense. Bullying is a huge issue. More and more, kids are failing in a system that is being forced to dumb down to meet the lower performance. I'm concerned it is a spiral effect and is sometimes hard to witness. Then, there are happy moments where you see you are making a difference and you come back the next day, newly refreshed.

My health has been an issue this past year. I've been dealing with a string of unusual infections that several doctors couldn't solve - or didn't seem to want to pinpoint the link or root cause of them. The extreme fatigue and memory issues had me pretty worried for awhile. Throwing antibiotics at it didn't help, but seemed to compound the situation. I felt poisoned and toxic with the medication at one point. My immune system is still fighting whatever it is, but at the moment, with the summer sun and air, it feels more manageable.

I saved the best for last.... There are also babies in my life. Three lovely little ones. My own children are wonderful parents. This depth of this joy can't sufficiently be put into words.