Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Tomorrow will be 2 weeks in the hospital. Medicare/Medicaid is getting restless. They will be releasing her to anywhere who will take her tomorrow. It isn't about your health people, it is all about money. Face it. We are talking hospice at this point, maybe..that is if the money falls into place. No kidding. Not sure where that will put her and what the total implications of that are at this point.

She was originally admitted for edema. She was up 40 pounds of water weight. Pretty hard on the heart. Since her admittance, she has gained an additional 20 pounds. They identified the bacteria that caused her coughing, which we thought was pneumonia. It is MRSA, antibiotic resistant staff. Mean shit. She contracted it while in the nursing home. Wait, can't say that, they won't admit that. They would have to report that and that makes them look bad.... This bacteria can and does kill healthy people. How can she keep fighting this with such a bad heart? The human will to live is amazing. She is amazing...

The nursing home, (I'll say it)... where she caught this bug, now refuses to take her back. She can go to Kenosha (a tiring daily trek) or way out by Burlington where her elderly friends can not drive to often, and I don't have the time each day to visit while working a full day.

There is no humanity. There really isn't much caring. I'll repeat. It is all money. Yes, I am bitter once again. It is hard not to be.

I'll know more tomorrow. More meetings... more inhumanity.

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