Sunday, November 16, 2008


Met with an elder care lawyer. Why does everything financial in life have to feel so slimy? You can benefit this...... much, for ..... these dollars. In the meantime, the poorer people just get screwed. Hard working people work their whole lives to provide comfort and security in their later years, maybe leave a very little something for their kids, and it gets all mucked up though dishonest laws and greedy instutions.

If I hire this guy, I should say, WHEN I hire this guy... he can guarantee the state will pay her bills through Medicaid and some money from the estate will go to the heirs and not all to the nursing home. Ick.

I would be a fool not to pay this guy his ridiculous fee to represent me, but it feels so, so, so wrong. Then on the other hand, it feels so, so, so wrong to pay the nursing home extortion fees for such awful care. You can't win. The system is so out of whack.

If I sound bitter, it is because this is recent and I haven't had the time to absorb the newest "slap" that has been this learning process.

When my time comes, I hope it happens quickly. Healthcare, senior rights and what we do to the elderly at the final stages of their lives is criminal.

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