Sunday, August 23, 2009


Another month has gone by. Wow! Summer is over.

I've been invited today for a delicious meal, the best company and friendship. Being around people you are comfortable with and who understand you are what it is all about. Being relaxed. Can't wait!

Still dealing with loose ends concerning mom's estate. The basement is acceptable. I'm still holding too much stuff belonging to my mom, but it is much better!

Unbelievably, mom still gets more mail every day than I do. I've noticed that I've been missing her and remembering the good times now more that the constant assault of things to do and worry are gone. The pain and anger of the last year or two is starting to fade a little and I'm able to let some of the grief run its course. Not enough yet though. I can literally still feel the lump of worry in my throat. I wish I could be more like my brother, laissez-faire. Alas, I can not. My blood pressure is still up despite medication.

School starts next week. Back at it. I am looking forward to the routine and the kids. I've missed them. What's wrong with me? ;> What I won't miss is the alarm and the early rising. Five am is brutal, especially as the days continue to get shorter and the darkness makes getting out of bed impossible.

Off to shower and have some fun. Fun! It is about time...

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